The Council of State revoked the precautionary measure that had suspended the payment of allowance 14 to the members of the Public Force.

The announcement was confirmed by the Ministry of Defense, who also indicated that as of next week about 14,000 beneficiaries will receive this additional payment.

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In this regard, Defense Minister Iván Velásquez moved this «good news for all the veterans of the Public Force».

It is important to remember that a few weeks ago the portfolio had informed that the payment of this loan would not be made this year, since it was «legally inadmissible».

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The foregoing is related to a decision of the Council of State of 2021, ratified in July 2022, in which provisionally suspended the delivery of this allowance while a judicial appeal is resolved that requests the annulment of an April 2014 act, which is still under study.

In fact, before the announcement of non-payment of allowance 14, dozens of soldiers who retired from the Public Force carried out a peaceful protest in the mediations at the Palace of Justice on July 4.

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Pension in Colombia


The 14 allowance is an additional payment received by some veterans of the Public Force. This benefit is established in Article 142 of Law 100 of 1993 and remained in force until 2011 for those who had a pension of up to 3 minimum wages.

It is called this way because it is the 14th allowance they receive in the year, after the 13 to which they are entitled by law. However, it is not a benefit that applies to all pensioners.

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In addition to veterans, to date this payment was received by those who caused the right while it was in effect. That is, the beneficiaries are:

– Those who retired before July 25, 2005 and their pension did not exceed 15 monthly minimum wages.

– Those who retired between July 25, 2005 and July 31, 2011 and whose pension did not exceed 3 minimum wages.