In group H of the women’s World Cup, Germany, Colombia, South Korea and Morocco are measured first by a constant: they are all continental runners-up. Then, the difference is made by the trajectory of each team and the historical weight of women’s football in the confederation to which it belongs.

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Analysis of the Colombian group in the Women’s World Cup

Germany starts from the start as the great favorite to stay with the leadership of the areadespite losing two of the last three friendlies they played before the Cup (1-2 with Brazil and 2-3 with Zambia).

Led by former local player Martina Voss-Tecklenburg since December 27, 2018, the German team has undergone a renewal process that today brings together 9 players born in the new millennium and 14 from the last decade of the 20th century with one goal: be champion again

Since 2016, when she obtained her only gold in the Olympic Games, the double world champion (2003 and 2007), the top winner of the women’s Euro Cup (eight titles), has not been able to lift a relevant trophy in the absolute category. Her greatest success was the runner-up at the Euro Cup last year. For this reason, the words of the Voss-Tecklenburg presentation make more sense a few hours after the ball rolls in Australia: “We want to return to the top of the world”.

In the search for the title, Germany clings to the base of Wolfsburg, national champion and current runner-up in the Champions League, which contributes 10 players, including the captain and figure Alexandra Popp, a veteran striker who had her consecration very young , in the U-20 World Cup that they won at home in 2010.

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In the second echelon of the group, to which in theory it should aspire appears Colombia, South Korea. The Asian team comes from reaching the final of the confederation cup for the first time in history. And he did it thanks to the process that the team has had at the hands of the English coach Colin Bell, who came to the bank in 2019.

Since the arrival of the British tactician, the Korean players have been acquiring a greater tactical sense that is portrayed at the level of their local league. Not in vain, 18 of the 23 summoned to the World Cup are part of the national tournament teams.

Although it seems that its weight is not greater, South Korea will play its fourth World Cup, the third in a row. And they will seek to reach the quarterfinals, since they will already reach the round of 16 in the 2015 Canada Cup, when they lost 0-3 against France.
so hyun chocaptain, participant in the two previous World Cup tournaments and player with the most caps in the history of the team, at 35 years old, is the call to follow.

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Morocco, the great revelation of the last African Cup, completes the group of continental runners-up.

Although by tradition it is the least strong team in the area, as it makes its debut in the World Cups, the African country team bursts in excited about the progress it has made since November 2020 under the leadership of former French player Reynald Pedros, remembered for being the coach of the powerful French Olympique de Lyon, between 2017 and 2019.

Pedros, distinguished as the best coach in women’s football by Fifa in 2018, has forged a team that has 13 players competing in Europe and did all his preparation this year against teams from the Old Continent (with the exception of tomorrow, when he plays against Jamaica ).

The balance of two victories (3-0 against Slovakia and 2-0 against Bosnia and Herzegovina), two draws (0-0 with Italy and Switzerland) and two defeats (0-2 against the Czech Republic and 0-1 against Romania) certifies the obvious: the fight will be giving it.

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