Under the shadow of the shooting occurred hours before the start of the World Cup in the city of Auckland, the New Zealand team, which played at home, gave the surprise in the opening and defeated Norway (1-0), in a duel in which the Nordics did not find their best version.

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New Zealand, one of the co-hosts of the World Cup, came out on the pitch with clear ideas. Direct play and sufficient pressure prevented Norway from being comfortable on the pitch during the match.

Despite this, the Nordics had the goal in the 19th minute. Midfielder Frida Maanum, after a cross from Blackstad’s side, finished off from the edge of the area, but the shot went over the goal.

The lack of connection between the forwards and the midfield happened that Engen, Lednhar and Reiten did not find a way to organize the game. Norway waited back and ceded the ball and ground to New Zealand.

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Wilkinstom threatened on the edge of the first half. The striker headed from the midfield with power towards the goal, although that ball was finally repelled by the defense.

A threat that has no effect in Norway. As soon as the second part begins, Wilkinston made it 1-0 to the score (m.47), in what has been the first goal of the championship. A goal kick and two touches were enough for Jacqui Had to run with the ball down the right flank and assist Wilkinston, who finished perfectly.

Norway tried to the end. The crossbar ran into Engen in minute 85, after a powerful shot from outside the area that could have made the score 1-1, after a few minutes in which they approached the New Zealand goal with more determination.

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New Zealand wasted the opportunity to kill the game in the 87th minute. Percival, from a penalty, sent the ball over the crossbar after a handball from Hansen inside the area.

The New Zealanders are placed first in group A with 3 points. Gone is Norway, as well as Switzerland and the Philippines, who will meet tomorrow at the Dunedin Stadium at 05:00 GMT.

The victory of the New Zealand National Team.



data sheet

– New Zealand: Victoria Esson, Ria Percival, CJ Bott, Malia Steinmetz, Katis Bowen, Ali Riley, Kebekah Stott (Bunge, min 70), Betsy Hasset, Jacqui Hand (Rennie min 94), Indiah-Paige Riley, Hannah Wilkinson ( Satchell, min 86).

– Norway: Aurora Mikalsen, Tuva Hansen, Naevdal Mjekde, Thea Bjelde (Sonstenvold min 93), Mathilde Harviken, Ingrid Syrstad Engen, Guri Reiten, Frida Maanum (Boe Risa, min 74), Caroline Graham Hansen Ada Hegerberg, Julie Blackstad (Bosshard Haavi, min 56).

Goals: 1-0, M.47: Wilkinson.

Referee: Yoshimi Yamashita (JAP). He admonished Haavi with a yellow card (min 85)


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