Why in Colombia there are more and more travelers entering and leaving the country – Sectors – Economy

The movement of passengers by air in the first half of the year remains in Colombia without much variation compared to the records of 2022 in general terms. However, when looking at this behavior in detail, it is found that, while the mobilization of the internationals had a strong rebound, the locals showed a marked decrease.

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According to figures from the Civil Aeronautics, in the first six months of 2023 about 23 million people were mobilized by air, thus maintaining the rate observed a year ago.

The information provided by the Aerocivil in the first six months of this year there was a very slight reduction in air passengers (0.04 percent) compared to those who used this means of transport in a similar period in 2002, Well, it went from 22,975,000 passengers in that period of 2022 to 22,963,000 this year.

Figures are indicative of the crisis in the sector due to the bankruptcy of two low-cost airlines.

When referring to the type of those passengers, the entity allowed more than 8.8 million travelers to enter and leave the country by air, number that compared to last year reflects an increase of 26.6 percent. In the first half of last year, more than 6.95 million international passengers were registered, according to the authority’s records.

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«The increase in the number of international passengers is a sign of confidence towards air transport and national tourism,» said Aerovicil when describing the mobilization of international travelers.

On the other hand, domestically, travelers totaled about 14.2 million, 11.6 percent less than those transported by air in the first half of 2022, according to official data.

«The stability in the numbers shows the solidity of the industry and the growing economic development of the air sector in Colombia«, specified the Aerocivil.

The data from the air authority may be a good indication that the crisis registered in the sector with the bankruptcy of the low-cost airlines Viva Air and Ultra Air may be overcoming, despite the negative impact it causes at the beginning of this year.