What is the secret to being happy?  A Harvard study gives the keys

Thinking that happiness is related to a successful life on a personal and professional level, with having a consolidated family, filling oneself with luxuries and a lot of money is a huge mistake. scientists of the Harvard University they have taken the task of studying what is the secret to being truly happy.

The study began in 1938 and concluded more than 70 years later. When it started, they only chose men, since no women attended the university. However, when these selected teenagers were growing up, having a partner and children, these also became part of the study.

The key to happiness reside in the friendly, family and romantic relationships that we keep This was explained by the director of the study, Dr. Robert Waldinger. According to the expert, while isolation is a «mood buster,» personal connections “create mental and emotional stimulation” and, therefore, «are automatic mood enhancers.»

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However, the relationships “good things don’t have to be easy all the time”, the doctor has assured is statements collected by the ‘New York Times’.

Another of the keys that experts indicate to contribute to this good state of mind is to “don’t worry about little things”. That is, learn to relativize the circumstances and facts that arise for each person. Life is too short to waste time on trifles.