What is the best day to see the summer meteor showers?

In the next few days the meteor shower most important of the summer Delta Aquarids and perseids They are, respectively, the fourth and fifth meteor shower so far this year, after the Quadrantids, Lyrids and Eta Aquarids.

Both are the meteor showers more apt to see in the open sky given the mildness of the weather for the dates on which both occur: the Delta Aquarids began on July 12 and will last until August 23 and the Perseids began on July 17 and will end on August 24.

What is the best day to see the meteor shower?

There are key days to see this phenomenon in all its splendor. According to the National Geographic National Institute (ING), the next July 30 It is when it will be possible to witness a higher number of meteor particles from the Delta Aquarids meteor shower, with a maximum peak of 25 meteors.

In the case of the Perseids, according to the public state, the August 13 It is the day of greatest intensity and where they will become more visible to the human eye.

When will the next meteor shower be?

We will have to wait until October to witness another meteor shower. It will be, in this case, the Draconidswhich will begin on October 6 and end on the 10th of the same month.