Futsal has several differences from ‘traditional’ soccer, since They are 40-minute matches (20 and 20 for each half)the teams are made up of only five players, there are only two judges for each match and, as if that were not enough, even the court and the uniforms are different.

This sport is not played in an open field or on grass, but in a closed space with a floor that could be made of wood or laminate. besides, the sports arena field is much smaller, as are the ball and the goalsreason for which the guayos are not necessary for what is played with boots.

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Of course, like any sport, ‘futsal’ has a regulation with the aim of avoiding aggression and promoting fair play. Here we present some of the basic rules of this sport, according to the portal ‘Burela Fútbol Sala’.

game time: Once the game starts, the referee can stop the timer whenever he considers it. The break between the first and second half is 15 minutes and the coaches have 60 seconds to give instructions to their players.

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Changes: Unlike football 11 in which coaches only have three changes per game, in futsal directors have unlimited substitutions. On the other hand, an ejected player cannot remain in the game or on the bench.

fouls: although these work in the same way as in ‘traditional’ football, in the event that a team commits five fouls in a block of time, the following warnings will represent a free kick for the rival.

That yes, in the rest, the marker of the fouls restarts, except in the additional time.

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cards: in ‘futsal’, players penalized with two yellow cards or one red card are sent off. Once this happens, the penalized team will play without a man unless they score a goal, giving them a chance to compete with the full group.

band sacks: «The ball is played with the foot if it crosses any line of the regulation field (except the goal line) or touches the ceiling. The balls that enter the goal directly in a throw-in do not count as a goal,» explains the portal ‘Burela Futsal’.

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The four second rule: The player in control of the ball has four seconds to accommodate it in the case of free kicks, goal kicks or corners. The time is accounted for by the referee, but if the player passes the regulation time, the ball goes to the opposing team.

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