Fifa applying a modification in the management of VAR in the U-20 World Cup: now, the judges must publicly announce the decision they make after resorting to video arbitration.

Until now, when there was any review on the screens, the central judge, who has the power to make the final decision, simply charged what corresponded, without giving any explanation.

The conversations between the VAR and the referee remain confidential, but the final decision is public.

The measure had already begun to apply in the Club World Cup, in February of this year. «It’s the beginning, it’s the first time we’ve done it. The result may not be perfect, but we are confident that it will be something positive.» Said then the director of referees of Fifa, the Italian Pierluigi Collina.

In that tournament, the first to make use of the public announcement was the Chinese Ma Ning, in the first match between Al Ahly and Auckland City.

This is how they announced the decision to reverse a penalty against Argentina

Now, the system is used for the first time in South America, in the U-20 World Cup. The central referee, the French Francois Letexier, reversed a penalty in favor of Uzbekistan in the match against the local team, Argentina.

Despite the fact that the World Cup is being played in Argentina, a Spanish-speaking country, the decision was announced in English, which is the language in which Fifa used to explain the determinations of the central judge.


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