Experts focus on this problem that a large part of the population suffers from and that causes everything from cardiovascular diseases to mental health

To maintain a healthy life there are three key aspects: food, sports and rest, frequently underestimated. While a large part of the population spends time and money introducing supplements to their diet, shakes or innovative methods of exercise, they do not take into account a basic pillar for their health: sleep.

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Sleeping a minimum of seven hours a day should not be negotiable. Helps reduce stress and improve mood prevent cardiovascular diseaseimproves the academic performance and also sports. If you do regular strength training, you should keep in mind that muscle grows while sleeping. So before you think about introducing protein or creatine, you should make sure you get enough sleep.

According to experts, the majority of the population has Sleeping problems. And this could cause more daily fatigue, worse mood, more problems related to mental health, worse mental, sports and immune system performance and more chances of having cardiovascular diseases.