The more than 37,000 direct shareholders and 18.6 million indirect bankcolombia, they will receive 3.4 trillion pesos in dividends this year as a result of the results that the financial entity had in 2022 and that was driven by the dynamics of the economies in which it operates, according to information from its directives during the development of the annual assembly of partners that took place this Friday in Medellín.

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only the private pension funds (AFP) they control 23 percent of the financial entity, so thanks to this participation the affiliates will receive part of those profits, resources that will be paid into their personal accounts.

As approved by said meeting, each shareholder will receive 3,536 pesos per share in their possession, both for those who have common and preferred shares, while the payment of this money will be made in four quarterly installments of 884 pesos per share, on April 3 , July 4 and October 2, 2023, and the fourth installment will be received on January 2, 2024. «The ex-dividend period will be within the four stock market business days prior to each quarterly payment date, including that day,» the bank’s directives specified.

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At that same meeting of partners, the constitution of an occasional reserve for 3.5 trillion pesos was also found for the strengthening of assets and the future growth of the entity.

“2022 was undoubtedly a year of consolidation of our transformation, in which we evolved the way we do banking and that put our ability to
adaptation to continue accompanying clients and the development of the country,» said Juan Carlos Mora, president of Bancolombia, who added that, this year, in the midst of an environment that brings more diverse factors of change, they will continue working from ethics and solid corporate governance so that trust continues to be the axis of the conversation with shareholders, customers and the country .