A study estimates the ideal minutes of sleep for our health

A group of researchers from Mexico, Spain and the United States have published a study on the relationship between napping and obesity to validate whether the person’s sleep characteristics and lifestyle factors influence disease and metabolic syndrome.

The results indicate that people used to taking long naps, of more than 30 minutes, tended to have higher values ​​of BMI, fasting glucose, systolic blood pressure… Although people who take a short nap (less than half an hour) did had better results than those who did not sleep. Therefore, it can be deduced from the study that the Ideal nap is less than 30 minutes.

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The researchers conclude that smoking, delays in sleeping and eating at night and a higher energy intake before the nap have a greater relationship with obesity than the time you sleep.

«By analyzing potential differences between the three napping categories and obesity-related lifestyle factors, the data showed that those who typically took long naps smoked more frequently and delayed behaviors such as meals, physical activity and sleep,» described the researchers.

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