A user of Tik Tok Colombiana has become world famous for showing the moment in which her family opened a bottle full of coins saved for several years.

In 2018, the teenager started saving with his father the coins of 500 and 1000 Colombian pesos in an empty drum of approximately 20 liters. According to the young woman, last weekend they finished filling the makeshift piggy bank, and she decided to empty it to count the money they raised over four years

«For years filling it up and they finally broke up,» the young woman wrote in the description of the clip.

The publication accumulated more than 20 million views, and 14,000 comments from people asking how much the amount raised was.

In the same way, they recommended that he check the coins since there are some that can be collectible, such as the one thousand, with the turtle on the wrong side and charge up to $600 thousand pesos for it, according to experts.

Curious followers inquired how much the family collected.


TikTok: @buitragozzzz

The user responded to the curious in a second video that the total sum corresponded to about $8 million pesos that they ordered in several plastic bags to be able to change them later.

In the register you can see the father and his daughter, three other family members counting the coins in the drum. A costly task, which was undoubtedly satisfactory after knowing the amount of money saved.

The young woman told those interested what they did with the coins after counting them.


TikTok: @buitragozzzz

Despite inflation and other guarantees to save in banks, there are still Colombians who decide to have small reserves at home, because from coin to coin it is possible to get a good amount like @buitragozzzz, and his family.

However, to save larger amounts, financial institutions recommend that they be consign in debit account depositsfor example, since catastrophic events can occur that make the effort a waste of time.


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