We are not going to pose as witty or innocent: match-fixing, result-fixing is as old as football itself. And, precisely for this reason, it is necessary to have more and more tools, more alerts, more investigations, more sanctions.

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Scandal in Colombian soccer due to match fixing

The investigation that the Colombian Football Federation and Dimayor carried out on Boca Juniors de Cali, from the first B, and due to events since 2018 (5 years ago, plop!) Surprisingly revealed by his coach, Alejandro Guerrero, last Saturday, it is not a minor issue at all. It is of the most terrifying gravity.

After the 1-2 defeat against Quindío, Guerrero made the revelation to save his honor, since he said that the investigation is about the managers, the coaching staff and the team players. And he hinted that there is already a sanctioned footballer.

What is worrying is that in April last year another B coach, Giovanni Hernández, Atlético FC coach, said that he was surprised by the behavior of his own players in a match against Llaneros, the famous team that caused the scandal in the last 120 seconds. without resisting Unión Magdalena so that they scored two goals, won 1-2 and promoted to A instead of Fortaleza.

“There is something that has hurt football. You know what it is. You are not stupid, gentlemen journalists. Today something has hurt football»Hernández said that time without specifying.

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Doubts hang over Colombian soccer terrifyingly

Boca Juniors de Cali closed the B tournament with a defeat against Quindío.



It is clear: the press cannot turn a blind eye: arrangements and fixing in football are like witches: that there are, and not now, and because Dimayor has as its main sponsor a legal house of bets, an almost puerile and crude argument. Throughout life, in all leagues, in all divisions there are those who offer, who oblige and intimidate, like those who accept and sell themselves.

The matter that was denounced since last year in Primera B is so delicate that it is inevitable not to think that this can also happen in the League, in A.

The discretion with which the matter must be handled is understood, but that is very different from football going to throw dirt at the crap like cats. On the contrary, severe action must be demanded, promptly, quickly and rigorously to discover and give the minimum guarantees of transparency.

I remember that a few years ago, in the administration of former President Jorge Enrique Vélez, an early warning was made public for an unusual bet detected by specialized software.

The Dimayor has an agreement with the Prosecutor’s Office to investigate these matters, but if the last one sanctioned for manipulation was in 2017 and the new suspicions come from 2018 and nothing has happened!, well Doubts hang over Colombian soccer terrifyingly.

Gabriel Meluk Orozco

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