07/22/2023 at 15:05


It started as a storm that has gotten out of control

A phenomenon that has aroused concern

The name of Oscar is already synonymous with extreme concern for meteorological experts. Which it started as a stormvery atypical from its beginnings, it goes on on track to become a subtropical cyclone that will haunt the peninsula in the coming days, if its growth continues to increase.

A type of system that shouldn’t even exist during the summer months, and it increases more and more. for now the phenomenon has aroused enough concern so that the US National Hurricane Center I start to monitor itsomething that had never happened before.

Why are you monitoring the possible cyclone?

The phenomenon baptized as oscar has unleashed the alarms of the Americans, who have affirmed that right now it is «a non-tropical area of ​​low pressure located near the east of the Azores that is producing downpours and disorganized thunderstorms with strong winds».

Something that is out of the ordinary, for this time of year but the thing does not stop there. What’s really weird is that the area may «take on some subtropical characteristics over the next few days.»

At the moment the situation is under control, it is believed that the logical thing would be that the subsequent dynamics would move the storm to the northwest putting him in cold water, but that doesn’t say anything good.

Oscar can introduce some signs of organized subtropicalization because the North Atlantic is extremely hot. The sea temperature does not produce more intense meteorological events. However, when these phenomena occur, the energy increases with the kinetic force of the sea.

And that’s what happened. Under normal conditions, Oscar should not exist, during these months it usually extends a huge anticyclone over the Azores which blocks the Atlantic storms, which causes stable, hot and dry summers in Spain.

Right now, the anticyclone is now over the british isles and that has caused the appearance of an atmospheric river loaded with humidity and the organization of Oscar as a major storm.

The possibility of the hurricane reaching Spain

The future is what most worries the experts, after years with temperatures that break the heat records in historical thermometers, 2023 continues with the trend and presents data. You are entering «uncharted territory» in modern times and still It is not possible to be sure how it will affect.

Added to this phenomenon is El Niño, according to the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) there are an 80% chance that El Niño will be with us before the end of summer.

“We have just experienced the eight warmest years on record, despite the fact that during the last three years La Niña events have exerted a cooling effect that has temporarily slowed the increase in global temperatures,” said Petteri Taalas, WMO Secretary-General.

Is Oscar a warning of what is to come? The Atlantic warns: the Azores high may continue to block storms of this style or quite the opposite, and that a cyclone stalks the Peninsula.