The Bank of the Republic launched its new commemorative coin of ten thousand pesosin which the Naval Battle of Lake Maracaibo stands out, directed by the Admiral José Padilla López, who recorded for defeating the Royal Spanish Navy 200 years ago.

This tenth edition gives continuity to the iinterest of the entity to create a pecuniary that reflects the history of Colombia as an independent nation and free from Spanish colonization.

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There are reflected the battles of the pro-independence heroes, such as Policarpa Salavarrietawhich inaugurated the previous version of the coin and had the objective of exalting her work as a popular heroine of the cause.

how it is composed

On this occasion, the coin contains the portrait of Padilla as a memorable defender of freedom, since the “On July 24, 1823, he defeated the Royal Spanish Navy in the battle of Lake Maracaibo, with which the independence of Colombia was consolidated. The Admiral encouraged his men with the phrase ‘Die or be free’ before starting the historic contest,» according to the Bank of the Republic.

The new version includes on its obverse the epigraphs that refer to the event: “200 years of the Naval Battle of Lake Maracaibo”, “July 24, Day of the Colombian Navy” and “1823-2023”, accompanied by the image of a ship with its sails unfurled, while sailing in the sea.

On the other hand, the reverse contains the shield of the Navy composed of three stripes of the same size, where the distinctive emblems of the country are found: two cornucopias and a pomegranate, the Phrygian cap, and the image of the oceans of Colombia.

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This disturbance of copper, nickel and zinc, It has an approximate dimension of 35 millimeters in diameter and a face value of $10,000 Colombians. accompanied by the year of minting, 2023, and the name of the bank.

To identify its authenticity, the organization maintains the angular security element, in which it depends on the movement and the side that the coin is observed, this should reflect the initials «BR» or the Arabic numeral «10».

how to get it

If you are a coin lover or interested in getting this new version, You must go to the windows of the Treasury of the Banco de la República in Bogotá or in the branches and cultural agencies of the entity at the national level, by appointment, according to the official website of the organization.

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To request it, you have to enter the bank’s platform, register your personal data and review the dates and times available to schedule the currency exchange.

It is worth remembering that, when attending, You must present one of the following documents to verify your identity: current citizenship card, first-time or duplicate password, foreigner’s card, passport, or temporary protection permit.


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