07/16/2023 at 2:07 p.m.


The ‘Tour de France’ sweeps the afternoon of La 1

‘Life without filters’ He manages to recover from last week’s hard blow and scores a season high in the absence of powerful controllers. Cristina Tárrega’s program marks a 10.6% with 800,000 viewers on Telecinco’s night. is antenna 3, ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ leads his strip with a 10.9%.

Very good figures for Four in prime time, which with ‘Mission Impossible: Secret Nation’ get a 8.6% and 698,000 viewers. Good data also for ‘the Sixth Explica’, that achieves a 5.9%. The cinema does not work badly either The 1, that with the issuance of ‘My boyfriend’s mother’ reaches the 9.5% with 836,000 spectators.

at noon leads ‘The Rule of Luck’ with the UN 16.5%. In the afternoon La 1 stands out thanks to the Tour de France‘. The cycling competition gets a great 15.7% by gathering 1,532,00 spectators. For his part, ‘party’ conform to the UN 11.1% and 939,000 viewers. He ‘Multiplex’ of Antenna 3 half a 10.7% in its three broadcasts.

Once again, the most viewed of the day was the desktop edition of ‘Antenna 3 Weekend News’, that achieves a 18.6% with 1,711,000 viewers.