Starting this Monday, April 10, the Ministry of Housing will enable the platform for those interested in being part of the beneficiaries of the Mi Casa Ya housing subsidy program.

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Once Easter is over, You will be able to review your status and the steps to new registrations.

If your household is not enrolled in Mi Casa Ya, has a previous registration or has a classification in Sisbén IV between A1 and D20 and meets the program requirements, you should go to the credit establishment or solidarity economy entity of your choice. to start the process.

If the household already has a previous registration, but has not yet been classified in Sisbén IV, you must go to the Sisbén office of your municipality and request the application of the survey, which is a requirement of the program.

The transition stage of My House Already It will be advanced throughout the year 2023 and its purpose is to guarantee housing for families who only need the subsidy to have financial closure and complete their real estate business.

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Once the household has met the program requirements, the credit establishment or solidarity economy entity with which it registered must certify and accredit:

1. That the home has been approved for a mortgage or housing lease
2. That your home is ready for delivery and you plan to sign the deeds in the next 6 months. At that time, the status of the household changes from “Interested” to “Applicant”.

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Once the credit establishment or the solidarity economy entity accredits these conditions, the Ministry of Housing will apply the prioritization criteria and verify compliance with the requirements. If the household is prioritized and meets all the requirements of the program, the application for the subsidy will proceed..