The Colombia sub-20 team overcame a complex group to reach the final hexagonal of the South American. They did not lose to the favorites, Brazil, and defeated and eliminated Argentina. Now, at the start of this final phase, this Tuesday they face one of the most solid teams so far in the championship: Uruguay (8 pm, El Campín stadium), which arrives in Bogotá stomping and will be a tough challenge.

The Uruguayan team has left a great impression in the South American U-20. Their first phase was exceptional, with 10 points out of 12 possible, they only resigned a draw on the final date of the group, against Ecuador, when they were already classified, and they took the opportunity to retire and rest some players.

The keys of Uruguay

They like Uruguay, they play well and are devastating. These youngsters have impregnated the Uruguayan tradition of a strong and tireless game with the stamp of a collective team, but with key individualities, a lot of technique and great balance. The numbers say it: Uruguay is the one that has conceded the fewest goals, barely 2, and it is the highest scorer, with 11 goals, even higher than Brazil, which has scored 9 times.

He has some pearls with which they are excited to win this Sub-20. Players like Álvaro Rodríguez, whom everyone looks at with curiosity because he is the one who comes from Real Madrid Castilla and has already scored 3 goals, consolidating himself as one of the promises of Uruguayan football. And the other is luciano rodriguezwho plays for Liverpool in his country and has also scored 3 times and feels in his country right now.

For them to shine with their technique and good definition, Uruguay built a very solid team, based on a 4-4-2 scheme, with vertigo in attack, adding many men up front, with pressure and explosion on the wings.

«What we are betting on is going out to press and always be protagonists,» coach Marcelo Broli has highlighted throughout the championship, adding that fast transitions are another Uruguayan attack weapon that he used, for example, in the victory against Venezuela 3- 0. “We try to attack bands for both, adds the DT. And without a doubt that is another hallmark of the team. His full-backs arrive decisively at the end line and bombard with crosses.

watch out for the attack

Uruguay vs. Venezuela sub-20.

The Uruguayan newspaper El País made an analysis of the keys to this team, and concluded that one of its strengths is precisely its «scoring power», highlighting that it has three scorers in the tournament, referring to the two Rodríguez and also to fabricio diaza midfielder and captain who not only destroys but has a good punch.

“The virtue of Uruguay is that it does not depend on individualities, it performs at a collective level, it has offensive power reflected in the numbers. He has a very good goalkeeper, who is Randal Rodríguez, American champion with Peñarol under 20; The wingers are very good, Ponte and Rittis. The central defenders are encouraged to go out playing, they are Gonzalez and Boselli. From the middle forward, the particularity is that it generates a lot. It has had variations, by winning the first two games the DT alternated the following ones. The player who stands out is Luciano Rodríguez, a striker who is a good finisher, he goes very well up front, he is the typical Uruguayan striker, ”Juan Pablo Romero, a journalist for the newspaper El País, comments for EL TIEMPO.

The statistics support the campaign of this team: 70 shots in 4 games, 24 of them on target, and 11 of them on the net. The performance of it reaches 83 percent. It is also true that Uruguay was not touched by the toughest group, that they beat Bolivia with authority, that they got rid of Chile and Venezuela, and that they tied with Ecuador. Therefore, the final hex is the true acid test of him. And Colombia, the first thermometer.

Editor of EL TIEMPO

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