The president of Camacol, Guillermo Herrera, sure that the panorama of the living place has been negatively impacted by the effects of the economic panorama of the country, but especially for damming in the payment of subsidies by the Government.

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In 2022, for the first time, disbursements of subsidies for households were frozen«, said.

In this sense, he added that «Sales of Social Interest Housing (VIS) are presenting a very high contraction of more than 64% in negative «.

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In short, there are currently 40,000 households that earn less than 3 minimum wages waiting for the subsidy from Mi Casa Ya.

Guillermo Herrera, president of Camacol.


Faced with this, Camacol presented some solutions for this scenario in which those households that are waiting for their home are affected through the disbursement of the subsidy.

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More resources are needed in the sector. By 2023 the investment figures required by the sector are 3.3 trillion, this in order not to risk household savings and avoid job losses in the sector. That would be the accumulated total, because today you have 1.4 trillion, so the rest is what is missing”, said the president of Camacol.

On the other hand, the Ministry of Housing announces that In April of this year, the payment of the Mi Casa Ya subsidies will be renewed.

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