The influencers Yina Calderón, Yeferson Cossio, Luisa Castro and Mariam Obregón, who would not have provided their followers with clear, truthful, sufficient, timely, verifiable and precise information about the promoted products and, therefore, would have led them into error, could receive a fine of close to 2,320 million pesos by the Superintendence of Industry and Commerce (SIC) if they were found to have engaged in misleading advertising in front of their followers.

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The Superindustry said that it found several irregularities in the way these influencers operate, to some of which he had already asked to adjust their procedures without success, for which he proceeded to open the respective investigations that allowed him to determine if there is merit to apply the million-dollar fines.

According to the SIC, Yina Calderón SAS, allegedly did not comply with the orders issued on August 10 of last year by the authority, in which requested the supply to consumers of clear, truthful, sufficient, timely, verifiable and precise information on delivery times, about its exchange policy and about the right of withdrawal of the promoted products.

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Regarding Grupo Cossio SAS, the market authority said that it evidenced possible misleading advertising, taking into account that, Yeferson Cossio apparently made objective statements about the results that could be obtained by taking the course «Cossio Method”, which according to what was advertised, had the purpose of teaching how to monetize social networks and whose only support was the experience of the influencer himself, which according to the SIC could mislead consumers regarding the results that would be achieved when carrying out this Training Course.

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The crime of illicit money collection continues to be committed in the country despite warnings.


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Against LCompany SAS and Cuatro 44 Inversiones SAS, the Superindustry found that, apparently, the influencers Luisa Castro and Mariam Obregón, did not meet the requirements made by the entity to collect the publicity issued about the money-raising services, whichthat they promoted through their social networks, nor information about their commercial relationship with the advertiser to promote said services, which could mislead consumers.

The SIC made it clear that against the administrative acts through which charges were filed against said influencers, no recourse is appropriate.

He also specified that, after carrying out the corresponding administrative investigation, the violation by these companies is confirmed, fines of close to 2,320 million pesos can be imposed on each one.