In the published videos you can see the moment in which the singer from Barranquilla probably take Piqué’s bags out of his house in Barcelona. According to local media, the moment was so tense that the Catalan authorities had to intervene.

The chapter starring Shakira, Piqué and Clara Chía seems to have no end, because after ending their relationship in mid-2022, both began to take action on the matter.

First, the decision was made that their children Saha and Milan remain in joint custody, at the beginning of January it was possible for the minors to move to
Miami with Shakira.

“Our sole objective is to provide them with the greatest security and protection, and we trust that their privacy will be respected. We appreciate the interest shown and we hope that the children can continue with their lives with the necessary privacy, in a safe and calm environment”, they mentioned at the time.

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On January 11, the artist from Barranquilla, in the company of Bizarrap, released ‘Session #53’, a song where the former soccer player’s current couple was mentioned with phrases like: «He has the name of a good person. Clearly, it’s not what it sounds like.» referring to Clara Chía.

Now, Shakira and Piqué have once again been the topic of conversation in the Spanish press, according to a video released by ‘La Mesa Caliente’, Shakira I would have taken Piqué’s suitcases out into the street.

«There was a commotion, so much so that they had to call the police. Gerard Piqué arrived and then they took his suitcases. He just got off to leave the child, but he left his son at his mother’s house because they are connected the two houses», assured the presenters in the program ‘La Mesa Caliente’, of the international television network.

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The veracity of the video

THE TIME perfect verify that this video is fake and there was talk of a joke made by the Youtuber known as ‘Didac Ribot’, in his account you can see how this joke was planned on the ex-soccer player.

In several shots, it is observed how they wear police costumes and hire a woman who they pose as Clara Chía.

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«We are going to do an operation clearing the area of ​​Shakira’s house. We don’t even want a journalist, okay?» mentions the influencer ‘Didac Ribot.

When Piqué arrives to pick up his children at the house, Ribot begins to place several traffic cones and play a prank on Piqué.

Finally, the influencer tells the curious that everything is a joke and that they are not real police officers.

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