Shakira and Gerard Piqué they continue to be news in Spain, Europe, Colombia and the world. And more when the singer moved a few days ago to Miami, United States, with his kids Sasha and Milan.

The ex-partner, who officially announced their separation in June 2022, has been the center of attention due to the events that have developed their careers.
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one more dart

At the beginning of April, the Barranquilla woman appeared on her social networks with a message in which the phrase «proudly Latin American» was highlighted, which she accompanied with flags from the countries of this region of the world.

The exchange of ‘taunts’ between her and the former Barcelona defender continues, does not stop, and every time something like this comes up, the information flies.

the antecedent

Piqué was in the middle of the controversy in an interview he gave to gerardo romero and in which he relighted the fuse.

«My ex-partner is Latin American. You don’t know what I have had to receive through social networks from people who are fans of her, but barbaric, thousands,» said the Catalan on that occasion, words that did not go down well.

The former player unleashed a barrage of criticism on social networks, in which many people treated his opinion as «xenophobic» and «racist».

That time, Shakira published that message, but returned to the charge and appeared with another ‘post’ on her networks.

And he did it in an Instagram ‘stories’. On this occasion, she took advantage of a list created by Spotify with this title: «Proud to be Latin American.»

The phrase is accompanied by a cover photo in which the Colombian is and which includes 50 songs by various Latin artists and in which, as usual, works by the Barranquillera.
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