2023 began vividly for Shakira and Gerard Piqué, the ex-partner who announced their separation in June 2022, but who has not stopped producing daily news.

Everything indicates that the Colombian has had to postpone her trip to Miami, United States, where she will settle, for her father’s health.

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Piqué continues with his toy, the ‘Kings League’, the soccer tournament promoted by him, which would have generated a disagreement with the Colombian in recent days.

Last Friday, the former defender was the protagonist of a streaming and was accompanied by his eldest son, Milan.

Shakira reacted and it is pointed out that she did not like the presence of her son in that ‘twitch’ at all, because she did not have her consent.

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Shakira’s new song: dart Piqué?

This Monday, the Spanish media released a new song by the Colombian, who published a phrase considered a direct dart towards Piqué.

«A wolf like me is not for guys like you! 11/01”, wrote the Barranquillera in a trill, which aroused a lot of curiosity.

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Shakira’s messages to her ex-partner seem to be recurring since the launch of her work ‘I congratulate you’, a few months ago.

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