Shakira he walks around Europe. He was in France and went to Great Britain, countries in which it was very active in important events, while its successes continue in the first places of sale.

The singer has taken advantage of her stay in Britain. He went to the Formula 1 Grand Prix, he has been in his private business, analyzing what may be his next musical success.
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Similarly, rumors of an affair with the pilot lewis hamilton They do not stop and each time the official announcement is closer, but that is not so confirmed.

Last Friday, the woman from Barranquilla attended the Wimbledon Tournament, but although the gazes were fixed on her and who accompanied her, nothing much was seen.

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Once Shakira came to Miami, United StatesIt was seen in some matches of the nba, supporting the Miami Heat quintet, who lost the final with Denver Nuggets.

age difference

At the time, he was linked to the player of Miami Jimmy Butler but that did not happen to majors, at least for the time.

However, in the last hours it was learned that the Colombian and the player are having a good time, they have come out and everything indicates that they are getting along in the best way.

«They’ve been out a few times, but things are very new and it’s too early to tell if there’s any long-term potential,» a source told Us Weekly.


YouTube: @Shakira / Instagram: @jimmybutler

Everything indicates that the age difference, 13 years, is not an impediment for us to be together, because with Gerard Piqué, The singer experienced the same thing.

what is known

«Jimmy makes Shakira smile and she is happy to spend time with him,» said another person who has seen them together.

«They’ve only known each other for a short time, and recently started following each other on social media,» the source told Us.

“After Shakira shared a video of herself cheering on the Miami Heat at a game in May, Butler “liked” a video of her acoustic performance via Instagram,” excluded.

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