05/15/2023 at 06:30


Quique Wolff, Argentine legend, commented that, speaking with the legendary Arrigo Sacchi about his Milan, the ‘prodigious shoemaker’ confessed to him: “In the Milan I had, the best player was Van Basten, but the most important was Gullit” . In that same talk, Diego Pablo Simeone told Wolff: “When I was going around Spain I went to see Guardiola. Do you know which player I love about you, Pep? Busquets. We are all obsessed with Messi, with players like Iniesta or Xavi, but Busquets does everything well. When television doesn’t focus on him, he does everything so that the team is well, so that it is short, so that it is always well settled. For people it goes unnoticed, but not for us. Busquets solves everything for you”.

‘Busi’, promotions talent the farmhousearchitect of the best Barça in history and epicenter of the best Spanish teamIt has been a blessing. Slender, gangly, without an imposing physical body, or enormous power, Sergio has been a world reference. Heir to Luis Milla’s Cartesian pass and sublimator of Guardiola’s essences, Busquets has been a master of football. He has been without power, without arrival, without passing game and without scratching.

‘Busi’, ahead of his time, reigned anticipating, ruled by passing and was not even wrong. He masterfully directed midfield traffic, He had a GPS in his brain, a computer in his head, and a privileged foot.. Astute, intelligent and with an enviable sensitivity to achieve excellence, Busquets won everything that can be won with extraordinary efficiency and extreme intelligence.

Del Bosque went so far as to say that, if he were born again, he would have liked to be reincarnated as Busquets. No one had such a great commitment to Barça’s football idea, no one was able to insert themselves between the center-backs and come out playing from the cave with such quality, no one executed the right passes with such precision and no one made football seem so easy that, in Actually, it’s very difficult.

Nobody handled the ball with such authority, nobody distributed it with such a high success rate, no one made better decisionsNobody knew how to better interpret what their team needs and nobody managed their knowledge of the game with such class.

‘Busi’ always delivered the ball in better conditions than he received it, he was everyone’s partner and always had the play written in his head. After three wonderful decades defending the Barça shirt, Busquets is over. And like everything that has a beginning has an end, Sergio, who has already left the national team, is now leaving Barça. He has long been the best midfielder of the last twenty years. A unique player.


Smoke, smoke and smoke. One day they tell us that she will leave Paris. To the other, that he will play in Arabia. The next, he will go to MLS. And as a tip, they tell us a thousand details about his return to Barça, although he still has no offer. Smoke signals. Everyone boasts of knowing where Messi will play and not even Messi himself knows. Would it be too much to ask to wait until June?


Barça needs the ‘green light’ from LaLiga after presenting the strategic plan. Priority, register pending players. Then, create the necessary space for new registrations, signing players who end their contract. And for this, he is obliged to sell expensive and well. Barça is no longer in the UCI, but let no one get involved. There is not a euro left.