Colombia vs. Ireland, the first friendly of the women’s team in Oceania, before the World Cup that begins on July 20, appeared just 23 minutes. According to information from the football federations of both countries, it was the Irish who decided not to continue with the match.

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«The match, which took place at Meakin Park in Brisbane, got too physical and it was dedicated, after consulting with the match officials, to bring the match to an end.»reported the Irish Federation in an official statement.

«Although all the processes and training of our teams are framed within the rules of the game, healthy competition and fair play, among others, we respect the decision of our rival team,» the Colombian Federation later said in a statement.

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A few minutes later, a video was released in which the Colombian player Daniela Caracas lost the filter and stayed on the Irish: «They are some girls… a ‘faltica’ there and they started to complain and that they were going to see if they playedthen the technician said we are going to wait for them to decide… Let them eat m…».

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And now, after the Caracas video went viral, the Irish press revealed the details of the tense atmosphere that would have forced the suspension of the commitment.

Colombians, civil servants and athletes, appear as the greats pointed out in the European media.

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The details of the controversy in Colombia vs Ireland

Colombia women’s team.

According to the Irish journalist Gavin Cummiskey, who is in Brisbane today and commented on an interview with the star of the European team, Denise O’Sullivan, the chaos would have started before the ball rolled.

According to the reporter, from ‘The Irish Times’, «the Irish media did not see the match as they were canceled by the Colombian federation. The general mood before the match was testy, with heated exchanges between Irish and Colombian officials before the teams arrivedas the only spectators allowed on the pitch were local children and the Ireland coach’s husband, former Dutch women’s coach Bert van Lingen.»

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According to the reporter, the game stopped at minute 23, when his last interviewee, Denise O’Sullivan, suffered a foul past halfway court.

Before the medical attention, the journalist present in Australia revealed, two yellow cards had been issued to the Colombian players, whose identity is still unknown.

Former Colombian player and now commentator Nicole Regnier assured on ‘ESPN’ that the foul against O’Sullivan was committed by Lorena Bedoya.
In addition, Regnier said, the Colombian coach, Nelson Abadía, would have been the one who decided that his players would retire, at the insistence of the Irish that the game not continue.

The Irish player had to stop at St Andrew’s Hospital in Spring Hill, Queensland, for an X-ray on her shin. The English Brighton footballer, the backbone of the Irish team, was accompanied by her team’s physiotherapist, Angela Kenneally.

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The Colombian Federation has not provided further details about what happened. For its part, this newspaper learned that on Friday night the coach of Ireland, Vera Pauw, will provide more details in this regard.

The Irish will start their World Cup on July 20 against Australia, one of the co-hosts.

Colombia will debut on July 25 against South Korea.

The statement of the Colombian Football Federation

«The Colombian Football Federation informs that the friendly match that was to take place as part of today’s training between the Colombian Women’s National Team and Ireland, was suspended because The Irish National Team, a rival in practice this Friday, preferred not to continue playing when 23 minutes of the first half had already elapsed«, read read in the text shared by the FCF.

«Although all the processes and training of our teams are framed within the rules of the game, healthy competition and FairPlay, among others, we respect the decision of our rival team,» the statement continued.

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