Cuckoo – Picture: Roughcut Television / BBC

All five seasons of the hit British comedy series Cuckoo will be coming out on Netflix in all regions except the UK in April 2023.

Initially broadcast on BBC Three in the UK between 2012 and 2019, Cuckoo was a comedy series created by Robin French and Kieron Quirke.

The series starred Greg Davies as Kenneth «Ken» Thompson, who sees a number of Americans come to stay. In seasons 1-2, andy samberg was the main guest in the home playing Dale Ashbrick Sr., in seasons 3-4, he was Taylor Lautner who played Dale Ashbrick Jr., and in the final season, it was the turn of andie macdowell.

The series first landed on Netflix outside of the UK as a Netflix Original series in 2016, with the first three seasons added in the space of a month. Season 4 arrived in 2018 and season 5 finally in 2019.

Now, the series will leave Netflix in any region where it is a Netflix Original. The series begins in its entirety on April 19, 2023, and its last day to watch (as users have been notified via a message on the show’s page) is April 18.

The removal coincides exactly four years after the fifth and final season arrived on Netflix on April 19, 2019.

cuco netflix takedown notice

Takedown notice on Cuckoo – Screenshot Netflix

You must be new here if you are wondering why a Netflix original series is leaving the service. In recent years, we’ve been cataloging a wave of Netflix removals that are branded as Netflix Original.

It all comes down to ultimate ownership and what exactly is a Netflix Original. In this case, Netflix Original implies that Netflix has exclusive distribution rights for a fixed period of time, and those rights have now come to an end. It’s confusing, but welcome to streaming in the 2020s!

When Cuckoo leave Netflix in the UK?

As mentioned above, Cuckoo It is not scheduled to leave Netflix in the UK, although it will within the next year.

We currently hear that Netflix UK retains control of Cuckoo until January 4, 2024. Of course, Cuckoo it is already broadcast in another location in the UK, with all five seasons available on BBC iPlayer.

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