as he pancreatic cancer such as lung they are related to a gene mutation known as Kras. As revealed by the research team led by García Alonso, with ‘just’ removing a protein located just below this gene, it is possible to both reduce the size of the tumor and eliminate it (with the help, of course, of other drugs). «The study of this protein has provided us with a ‘therapeutic target’. Now our goal is to develop specific drugs parachute break down this protein and thus ‘attack’ the tumor cells», explains the researcher.

But how is it achieved? García Alonso’s team has achieved, first of all, create a three-dimensional model of this protein to know its structure and «find the nooks and crannies through which to attack». From there, the researchers have conducted a ‘virtual projection’ to test thousands of chemical formulas and molecules that could work as a treatment. With the results of these virtual tests, they have managed to identify a number of «promising candidates» who are already being tested first. in cell models and after in models.

The work of García Alonso’s group is already yielding hopeful results. «We have obtained promising results and hope that one day they can be test in clinical trials and, if all goes well, one day they can be used to treat patients who need it,» explains the scientist. «This type of work does not give results from one day to the next, but we are proud that we are putting our grain of sand parachute help cancer patients«, Add.

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