Santa Fe He had two faces in his debut in the 2023 League, with a 2-2 away draw against Jaguares, this Friday in Montería.

The cardinal team showed signs of wanting to be competitive, of wanting to be aggressive in attack, but they still need to adjust the screws to find their best form.

For now, it’s a draw on the road and that’s good to start with. In addition, they are still missing several of their new players, such as Hugo Rodallega or Fabián Sambueza.

two faces

14 seconds into the game when the lions were already roaring. They launched themselves into the attack voraciously, they recovered the ball in two claws and Enamorado was in charge of scoring the 1-0. It is the fastest goal for Santa Fe in its history.

The cardinal team looked good, they looked aggressive, but they had inattentions that paid dearly. One of them, a penalty on the edge of the area by Neyder Moreno. Pablo Rojaspenalty, in 16 minutes tied.

Santa Fe still shows cracks, it will have to adjust soon, for now, it has shown some ideas of what it wants, although Marrugo, one of the new ones, was not decisive. Yes Morelo, who continues to be the axis, the one who participates in all the attack plays.

And Santa Fe went up again, in a good collective move, with many men in the rival field, a cross and a header from Viáfara, another of the new ones, and who was alone at the far post to score.

But Santa Fe gave in again, had new inattentions, as in the aerial game, in a corner kick in which the marks failed, and Julian Guevara made it 2-2.

The second half was already something else, a close game, scraped, a Santa Fe that lost the idea, a Marrugo that did not weigh. It was a flat time for both, it was a reflection of the start of the season for both.

Santa Fe awaits key chips, and hopes to mesh and find the best eleven and the best scheme. He has weapons, he must apply them.

At the end he lost Kelvin Osorio by expulsion, great mole, that of the reds has been recurring because in the last seasons of the red.

The premiere was given and Santa Fe did not shine but it did not clash. There it goes, but more is expected of this team.

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