Santa Fe he is still in debt in the league and his fans are already getting impatient. Now the cardinal team lost on their visit to Envigado, 3-2, in a match on date 7.

Although Santa Fe showed offensive attitude and scored two lost goals and remains stuck in the League.

Rivera’s words

At the end of the game, coach Harold Rivera analyzed what happened, the process of the game, and the defeat.

Match between Envigado and Santa Fe.

Harold Rivera reacted to the situation the team is experiencing due to the lack of results: “The moment is difficult. We feel this more; I understand people, but you have a family and it hurts. But hey, this is so; I hold my head high because I try to do my best to manage this team”, he said.

The Santa Fe coach added: “We are not calm. Personally, I’m not calm about the results, because I haven’t lived in a situation like this for a long time, but this is to show my face and as long as they allow me, I will move this forward.

On Wednesday Santa Fe plays a crucial moment in the season, as it defines its international future facing Golden Eagles in the Copa Sudamericanaa single match with the possibility of qualifying for the group stage or being left out of international competitions for the rest of the year.

About the future he said: “Starting to talk about the future is worse. Now that the Sudamericana game comes and then we’ll see, why take a step to the side if we win the game and qualify? This is about putting your chest to the breeze, President Méndez introduced me here, and if he tells me that he did not continue, okay, although he would leave with my head held high because I am trying to do things well ”.

“This has already happened and we have to get up, there is no other choice. It has already been lost, but now we have to raise our heads and win on Wednesday, ”she pointed out.


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