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Santa Fe i was down He walked like stumbling, like rambling, like he was about to stay on the canvas to never get up again. The technician Harold Rivera It seemed surrounded by the bad results, by the bad game and by the pressure. But when the team was most collapsed, he got up, waved his lion’s mane and roared to the four winds that he is ready to fight, revived in the League and advanced in the Copa Sudamericana. Lives.

Santa Fe brushed the edge of the razor. She was bottoming out at the bottom of the chart. But his last games have been a demonstration that not everything has been said.

The Cardinal Recovery



This Santa Fe arrived dying to the match against Águilas of the Copa Sudamericana and won it. And he got into the group stage. He came to the League match against América with spirit and won it, and he breathed. And he went to Barranquilla to show that he was really ready to fight, and he tied the team in which ‘Bolillo’ Gómez debuted. His next challenge will be this Tuesday against Jorge Luis Pinto’s Deportivo Cali, at El Campín (8:00 p.m.). A test to see what this Santa Fe is made of.

What changed? What made this Santa Fe give signs of life? First, Rivera began to make good decisions. One, leave the insistence on the defensive line of 3 and move to the line of 4, which has given it greater solidity. Two, several players raised the level at this stage, like José Enamorado, who is beginning to be decisive, like Fabián Sambueza, who is beginning to remember that he must be the driver and guide, and like Wilfrido de la Rosa, who until now has been a and the debt begins to settle with goals.

The celebration of José Enamorado in the first goal of Santa Fe.


Nestor Gomez – WEATHER

Rivera has lost valuable players due to injuries –at least he left the expulsions behind-, and he is finally managing to replace the casualties in a more efficient way. In recent games he has lost Kevin Mantilla, Marlon Torres, Harold Rivera, Julián Millán… and in one way or another Rivera rethinks.

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The crisis of defenders was resolved with the young David Pïsciotti, which premiered in Barranquilla leaving a good image. And in the middle he resolved with Jonathan Barbosa. Rivera maneuver to stay. «We have always had to overcome difficult moments, football is about results, this is peace of mind, we should not despair, although we coaches have our suitcases ready and from now on good results will come,» said the coach, who explained that confidence has returned to the team.

They still can’t claim victory. Wilson Morelo, the most effective scorer, is upset with the goal. Hugo Rodallega has not been able to vent that cry that the team, the fans and he himself are waiting for so much. And the team is still outside the eight. But it already threatens. It’s coming. In the last games he went from the bottom of the table to 10th place.

That is why today’s test is key, against a Cali that is not convincing, that is in the queue for the championship and urgently needs to win again. If Santa Fe wants to stay on his feet and roar as he knows best, today’s game can put him in the eight.

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