Huracán and Emelec sealed a 2-2 tie this Thursday for the fourth day of Group B of the Copa Sudamericana, which leaves the definition of the zone open for the last two dates. However, this Friday’s news has to do with the outrageous racist insults that are heard in the stadium of the Argentine team. A new denunciation that muddies the football of the southern country of the continent.

Argentinian fans accused of racism

The Hurricane bar, Argentina team.

«That they call my players ‘slaves’, they yell ‘my black’ seems to me that it doesn’t add up, it doesn’t add up… Later they can insult, they can be ingenious in some insult, the Argentine bars are usually very ingenious»Miguel Rondelli, Emelec’s coach, said this Thursday at a press conference.

Rondelli, an Argentine, denounced racist insults against his players: «We are in a difficult moment, calling a person a ‘slave’ in the 21st century seems to me no longer, that is behind us, let’s dedicate ourselves to watching football… I think that Conmebol has to take action on the matter, not just announce it through the loudspeakers, but rather the fines have to be severe and hard because if not this is going to happen again and there were people from Conmebol there who told me they were going to inform me.».

The worst thing is that this is not the first time it has happened in Argentine stadiums in the last fortnight.

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Rodallega and the case of Boca Juniors

Hugo Rodallega celebrates the winning goal for Santa Fe against Gimnasia.


Mauricio Duenas. efe

Hugo Rodallega, with tears, denounced racist insults in the match between Santa Fe and Gimnasia. At the end of the match, the experienced forward cardinal said that there were cries of «black» and «monkey».

«We are not improving as humanity. What is happening in the world is a disaster. It is sad to come… I am not saying that we lost because people offend, but the issue of racism is already tiring»
the striker began in his statement.

«That they call you monkey, that they call you black is disrespectful and sad,» added Rodallega.

He said that the screams were especially when there was a fight with the gymnastics players that led to the expulsion of Wilson Morelo, who also received insults of this type.

«It happened to all of us. When there was a problem, that happens on the field, there may have been expelled, but since people mess with race instead of anger it makes me sad. It doesn’t hurt me to lose, because you can lose in the last minutes, but what happens in the environment hurts me. In Bogotá we respect them, they don’t us,» he concluded.

On Tuesday of last week, Boca received Corinthians at La Bombonera. Before starting the game, Fans of the visiting team recorded racist and offensive gestures from local supporters in the stands.

Already in the match in Sao Paulo between these same, fans of Boca clubs were also discovered in racist acts. One of them ended up in custody, because in Brazil, this type of action could have a punishment of up to three years in jail.

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