The dollar in Colombia falls this Monday and is trading below the level of $4,100 on the first trading day of the week in the local market.

According to the Stock Market, The US currency is quoted at an average price of $4,076 that is, it loses 15 pesos against the TRM of the day, which is $4,089.

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This downward trend of the dollar was strengthened after the presentation of the data from in EE inflation. which stood at 3% in its annual variation in June.

The minimum trading price of the foreign currency is $4,037 and the maximum of $4,059.

What do the experts say?

The currency has fallen sharply in recent weeks.

Despite the devaluation that has been seen in recent weeks, in the second half of the year the dollar may face a new rebound due to various aspects, explains Juan David Ballén, director of analysis and strategy at Casa de Bolsa.

The first has to do with the Fed. Given that the market expects you to keep your interest rates stable, if you increase them, la currency could move up.

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The social reforms of the National Government will also have an influence, especially the pension, which will be discussed again once the sessions of the Congress of the Republic are installed on July 20.

​»In both cases, things are looking good for the moment. As inflation is falling in the United States, the Fed has less pressure to raise rates, and at the internal level, the Government has lost governability, which generates the expectation that, if it decides to continue with the process of the reforms, it will have to moderate them”, assures Ballén.

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