the Colombian women Shakira sets fire to social networks after launching a song openly addressed to his ex-partner, the former Spanish soccer player Gerard Piquéwhich has been listened to 34 million times in 17 hours amid a cascade of reactions

under the title»BZRP Music Session #53«, the collaboration with the famous Argentine producer Bizarrap does not stop ringing in the media and social networks, with verses dedicated to the plot of spite that involves the couple and darts against the athlete and his new girlfriend, the young Spanish Clara Chia (23 years).

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«A lot of gym, but work your brain a little bit too», «You traded a Ferrari for a Twingo», «I’m not going back with you, even if you cry or beg me», «I’m too big for you and that’s why you’re with a just like you», sings the artist to the rhythm of electronic music.

With puns with which she strains the names Piqué and Clara, Shakira makes it clear who the recipients of her letters are.

«I only make music, sorry that I splashed you», It says, with that pause after the first syllable. And then she adds: «She has a person’s name, clearly not what she sounds like.» A spectacular campaign of expectation paved the way for the new success.

The reaction of Clara Chía’s father

In Spain the issue has been all the rage, it is daily talk and the media have not been left behind.

The program ‘Save me’ contacted the journalist Mayte Ametlla, who told details of what has generated the musical proposal of the Barranquillera.

In that same episode, they contacted the father of Clara Chía Martí, Piqué’s girlfriendwhich has also been ‘mentioned’ in Shakira’s music.

«The research team of this program has also spoken with Clara Chía’s father. Well, Clara Chía’s father is divine, he says that he doesn’t like this type of music at all, that he listens to classical music, and that he is more than Bach and Vivaldi, and that he doesn’t go to bars,» he said.

And he added: «Regarding his daughter, he has told us that she is surely very well,» Mayte Atmella told exclusively in ‘Save me’.
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