I know that the Colombian artist Shakira He affirmed that now he depends on himself and that he will have to be «stronger than a lioness» for the two children he has in his custody, after the separation with the former Spanish soccer player Gerard Piqué, last year, but now what is being talked about is his trip to Miami, United States.

Since it was announced that the ex-partner reached an agreement on the issue of custody of their children, Sasha and Milan, it is assumed that their future would be with their mother.
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tight relationship

The Colombian singer settled in Miami, but her father’s health problems did not leave her sooner than expected.

Now, it was learned that in the first days of April the transfer of the Barranquillera with her children to the United States could take place.

And the media have been pending the reaction of Piqué’s family, who, it is known, is sad because his grandchildren will move away.

Shakira and Piqué’s mother.


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However, against all odds, it is assured that they want their grandchildren’s trip to be planned as soon as possible to ‘take a load off their shoulders’.

One of the journalists program of Ana Rosa, Sandra Aladro, andHe explained that the relationship between the parents of the ex-soccer player and the Colombian is not the best, it has deteriorated a lot.

«The relationship and tension between the parents of Piqué and Shakira is such that they believe that the best remedy is that the sooner the transfer arrives, the better for everyone… Now the children are in a very ugly situation,» he said.
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