Gerard Piqué was unleashed. The former Barcelona player, always prudent and cautious to try not to talk about his separation from Barranquilla Shakira, announced more than eight months ago, let himself go during a chat with his friend and partner in the King’s League, the ‘streamer’ Gerard Romero.

The apparent liberation was so great that Romero did not hesitate to describe their conversation as a kind of psychological well as Shakira’s first song after their separation (The session with Bizarrap) was performed.

Precisely, during the dialogue, Piqué launched a strong criticism of the singer, with a kind of indirection to said song by the Barranquillera, which has been seen as a production made especially for him. by the way, revealed the alleged attacks by the singer’s followers and reaffirmed that she is currently «very happy» with her life.

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Piqué criticizes Shakira

The incident occurred during a live stream on Twitch.


Instagram: @3gerardpique, @kingleague

In the relaxed chat with Romero, Piqué took the opportunity to speak for almost an hour about different aspects of his life.

In the talk, many critics of today’s society and the follow-up that has been done on his personal life.

«Everyone has their own life. It seems that if you’re famous, others have the right to give their opinion, and no, that’s not the case»
he said from the outset, about the criticism that was received today.

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Then, remembering why trials should be downplayed, he stated:
“You have to relativize things and give importance to what really matters. I don’t care what people think. You shouldn’t worry about what society thinks about you.».

At that point, the separation of Shakira entered the scene.

«I can give you the example, with the issue that I spent last year, that, well, my ex-partner is Latin American… In other words, You don’t know what I’ve come to receive through social networks from people who are fans of her, but thousands of barbarities…Pique said.

«I don’t care about anything… I don’t know them, they are people who have no life and you will never meet,» he added.

Later, his criticism of Shakira and her songs.

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‘The pa… loves I don’t know what’


Screenshot King’s League

«Now we are dedicated to throwing this ‘beef’, then the other (Shakira) already…, and I don’t want to go into it but it is also a personal issue… the theme of throwing ‘beef’, which is very good ( …) but then we don’t think about the consequences that a mental level can have on the people to whom you throw the ‘beef’, and You look very good under the title ‘Oh, oh oh, the p… loves I don’t know what, oh oh’. But then we don’t think about the other person. What has to happen, for someone to commit suicide for us to say ‘Oh, oh, we’ve gone too far’?»Piqué said, referring to Shakira’s productions. Apparently, to the session with Bizarrap.

«I am really disappointed with society,» he added.

«I don’t care what people say, I do my things, I try to do my best. I am in a moment of my life in which I am super happy (…) and from there, that each one does the best», concluded.

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