It was almost known that the first official photo of the ex-soccer player Gerard Piqué with Clara Chía Martí, which clearly leaves behind the rumors, at least for now, that the relationship is not going well.

Piqué and Clara tried to clarify with that image that calm comes after the storm, after the shots they threw Shakirathe ex-defender of Barcelona, ​​​​in his new song that went around the world.
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It would be a bombshell

The Spanish media have followed the trail of the three, but in the last few hours a photo of Piqué and his girlfriend in a drugstore It aroused a lot of curiosity. What would they be buying?

They entered a pharmacy and did some shopping and the rumors, at once, were heard. Are you pregnant?

Memes of Piqué and Clara Chía for their first photo on Instagram


Instagram: @3gerardpique

At least that’s what Javier Ceriani, a journalist from Los Angeles, said, who has said that the couple went to buy a pregnancy test.

“They went to get a pregnancy test. Clara Chía pregnant can be a world scandal,» said the communicator.

However, in Spain they deny this support, they doubt its veracity, as revealed by specialized programs.

«Information that we question in ‘Socialité’, if Clara Chía were pregnant, we do not believe that neither she nor Piqué would risk going to the pharmacy for a predictor for fear of being photographed with him. So we rule out pregnancy for the moment. We don’t know what they have gone to buy,» they commented.
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