Gerard Piqué is once again in the eye of the hurricane. The former Barcelona player, the protagonist of various news stories due to his intricate sentimental life, has gone to the wall in the last few hours due to an unexpected reaction to several questions from Shakira, his ex-partner, with whom he ended a relationship more than eight months ago. twelve year relationship

As has been recorded on video, Piqué and his new partner, the young Clara Chía Martí, were found by a ‘paparazzi’ in the middle of the road to question them for their opinion on Shakira’s latest song.

And what was the real news was his reaction to the question, because it was a obscene gesture that has fueled the controversy even more that has surrounded the trident Piqué, Chía and Shakira.

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Obscene gesture by Piqué and Clara Chía

Piqué and Clara Chía get out of control: an obscene gesture fuels the controversy over Shakira.


Screenshot ‘Elsiete’, Youtube

After Shakira’s new song with Karol G, the ‘paparazzi’ Jordi Martin appeared at the former player’s parents’ house looking for a reaction.

From the outset, he said, Piqué and Clara Chía entered the former soccer player’s house for the first time before his eyes.

In the report, seizing the moment, he commented: «The parents (of Piqué) can’t wait for Shakira to go to Miami».

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Later, after saving at his exit, the first moment of tension arrived.

«When he got out, Piqué accelerated the truck so that he almost ran me over,» Martin recounted.

Then the reporter, recognized as pro-Shakira, the achievements on the road. And there came the moment when Piqué and Clara Chía were caught making an obscene gesture with their hands.The image, which becomes a trend in networks, is quite telling.

After that insult, the reporter assured that Piqué called him to say «even from evil» that he is going to die.

So far, neither Piqué nor Clara Chía have commented on the incident.

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