The draft of the pension reform, which will be presented on March 22 before the Congress of the Republic, has already been shared with the unions, labor unions and experts, by the Ministry of Labor.

Among the news, the reform proposes a new savings fund and other special conditions for women. In itself, a reduction in the number of minimum weeks is sought.

According to article 36 of the draft, there will be a benefit of weeks for women with children, «as recognition of unpaid work, as of the entry into force of this law, for women who meet the minimum age to access the pension and do not have the weeks established in the Average Premium Component”.

This option may not be used for additional increases to the minimum weeks required.

As they explain, women “may obtain the benefit of reducing the number of weeks required for each child born alive or adopted by 50 weeks, until reaching a minimum of 1150 weeks for a maximum of three (3) children”.

(In addition: Older adults: this is the solidarity income proposed by the pension reform).

They clarify that the benefit will only be applicable to those who, after seeing the actuarial system of equivalences exhausted, do not manage to complete the requirement of the established minimum weeks. Please note that this option may not be used for “additional increases to the minimum weeks required in order to increase the replacement rate”.

The draft also proposes other benefits for parents, such as article 35, explain a benefit for mothers and fathers with a disabled child. They will be entitled to receive the special old-age pension at any age, as long as they have contributed the minimum number of weeks required.

The child’s disability, whether physical or mental, must be duly qualified and be a dependent person of the father or mother.

The benefit will be suspended when the father or mother rejoins the labor force and can only be obtained by one of them.

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