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Millonarios had a very good second half in Montevideo, he got even for the bitterness that Alfredo Arias, the Peñarol coach, had caused him in other times, and saw a very important victory in his intention to reach the round of 16 of the Copa Sudamericana: won 0-2 in the Champion of the Century.

It was not a first half, with two very tangled teams, with a lot of people in the middle and few emotions in the areas. Peñarol had one, a shot from Matías Arezo that passed near the post.

And Millonarios missed the only one he had, which was very clear, in an overflow and touch to the center of Daniel Cataño that Leonardo Castro, who only had to push it, threw it over.

Another thing was the second half, in which the two teams came out much more animated. At the beginning it was Peñarol, who wanted to make a difference from the start.

Elvis Perlaza’s great goal that opened the way to victory

But Millonarios responded quickly, forcefully and with a blow from which the Uruguayans did not get up: in the 54th minute, after a play in which the blues called for a free kick against Leonardo Castro, Elvis Perlaza recovered the ball, got together with Mackalister Silva and appeared again to finish cross and score the 0-1. The side, so criticized by the fans, made a luxury in the Champion of the Century.

Alfredo Arias, the Peñarol coach, sent the experienced Carlos Sánchez, the same one who was Libertadores champion with River Plate, onto the field in search of a reaction that he did not find. And with the advantage, Millonarios found himself in a situation that gave him comfort, to grab the ball, dominate it and do damage.

Millionaires transformed that superiority and that dominance into the second goal of the match: Leonardo Castro appeared on the left and set up the youthful Óscar Cortés, who finished off a cross from the edge of the area to score 0-2, at 20 minutes of the second stage.

Millonarios looked so comfortable at the end of the game that Alberto Gamero barely came to touch up the team in the last ten minutes to maintain a result that he built at the end of a good game and that leaves him as the leader of group F., thanks to the victory, on Wednesday, of Defense and Justice against América Mineiro. Millos went from less to more and launched the alert: he wants to fight for the classification.

Jose Orlando Ascencio
sports deputy editor

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