The promoted ‘classic liberator’ between Once Caldas and Atlético Nacional ended with a tie to one goal, at the Palogrande stadium, a result that the locals don’t like so well in their fight not to be relegated.

The two champions of the Copa Libertadores from Colombia arrived in doubt, but in general they played a pleasant game, although without being able to take advantage.

At least in terms of intention, the two teams showed a better face than last semester, wanting to please and with options on both sides, although both squads still look very tough, normal at the beginning of the season.

Once Caldas vs. National. In action, Dorlan Pabón (8).


National Athletic Press

Two goals in two minutes, at the end of the first half

We had to wait for the first half shot to see goals in Palogrande. The Once Caldas hit first, with a goal from its greatest figure, Dayro Moreno, who fell into the small area to receive a cross from Luis Fernando Miranda and beat goalkeeper Kevin Mier, in the 45th minute.

The celebration in the stands was not yet over and the Once players had not just settled on the field when Nacional scored the equalizer two minutes later.

Neyder Moreno, who officially returned to the green after passing through Santa Fe, took advantage of an extraordinary pass from Dorlan Pabón to go one-on-one with goalkeeper Éder Chaux and define with a lot of class. That was the end of the first stage.

Once Caldas vs. National. Celebration of Neyder Moreno.


National Athletic Press

The second half was much weaker and more choppy, and also the rhythm of the game was turned off in an action in which Dayro Moreno suffered a cut on his eyebrow. But the last minutes of the match saw the greatest initiative of Once Caldas, who went out looking for a victory that they urgently needed, considering that they are in the midst of fighting to maintain their category.

In the end, the tie was a consolation for both teams, who will have to play as visitors on the second date. El Once will visit Deportes Tolima in Ibagué on Friday, while Nacional will play on Saturday against Águilas Doradas.


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