Netflix Top 10 Report: ‘1899’, ‘Slumberland’, ‘Elite’, ‘Warrior Nun’ and ‘Dead to Me’

In the photo: Elite, Slumberland and 1899

Welcome to your weekly roundup of the biggest stories from Netflix’s top 10 hourly figures for the week ending November 20, 2022.

Netflix updates its Top 10 Stats page weekly with 40 new figures per hour for the top movies and shows from the last 7 days. If you want to easily browse the top 10 hourly data, visit our tool.

Note: In this report of Netflix hours watched from November 14 to November 20, 2022, we will use «Full View Equivalent» or CVE, expressed in millions. That means we divide the hours watched advertised by Netflix by the running time of the movies or series. It allows for better comparisons between movies and series, but it is not an audience metric. It is the minimum number of viewings if they were all complete from the first second to the last of the movie or season. However, in its latest letter to shareholders, Netflix used the CVE metric to talk about The Gray Man, so there is value in this metric, imperfect as it is.

1. Dreamland remains inactive in its first weekend

Dreamland it was Netflix’s big move for Thanksgiving on the movie side and didn’t surprise itself during its opening weekend with just 16.7 million CVEs in 3 days. That’s the 27th opening weekend for a US Netflix movie opening on a Friday out of 53 in my data set, far out of the Top 10.

slumberland vs other netflix movies audience cve

Slumberland vs other Netflix movies

two. 1899 makes its debut

On the series side, 1899 It must have been the most hyped and promoted new series of 2022 on Netflix, perhaps on par with Sandman. Sourced from the German makers of Darkthe public is in for a mind-blowing journey on the high seas, and…is off to a strong start with 10.9 million CVE in its first 4 days.

1899 vs other netflix sci-fi shows

1899 vs other thursday genre releases

That’s the best launch for a new English-language series released on a Thursday, but that’s not saying much when it narrowly beat out resident demon which was quickly cancelled. But the audience reception of 1899 is much better than Resident Evil, and it’s not adapted from any license, so we’re going to give this release a lower expectation and a free pass for now.

3. is Elite run out of way?

A series that is already renewed is Elite for a seventh season, and we have the launch data for season 6.

At 5.4 million CVEs over three days, that’s 35% less than the Season 5 launch, which was already below the Season 4 launch. If it hadn’t already been renewed, I would have guessed Elite it would have been concluded, but there must be something in the data that makes Netflix keep paying for new seasons.

audience cve elite

Elite Season 6 vs Season 5 CVE Audience

Four. warrior nun continue their fight for their survival

It’s time for our focus to continue warrior nun, whose fandom has made itself heard on Twitter in recent days, demanding a third season for the series that seems to please audiences and critics alike.

But as we all know by now, vocal fandoms can’t do much about audience, so how do you warrior nun S2 do in its second week?

Well, there is good news on this front:

  • First of all, the show gained 6% in its second week, which is not usually the case for a returning show that premiered on a Thursday (but we’re lacking more data to be definitive on that subject).
  • Another good thing is that the first season of warrior nun it returned to the top 10 this week, which means that people are discovering or rewatching the series, which could have a favorable impact on the wait for the second season for the next few weeks.

The main problem is that the second season didn’t start off strong, so any subsequent increase probably won’t turn the tide on that front.

warrior nun audience cve

Warrior Nun vs. Other Netflix Shows

The most obvious comparison is with the second season of destiny: the winx saga, which was canceled last month with the double CVE of the second season of warrior nun (and with a supposedly lower budget).

5. dead to me it’s pretty dead to the public.

dead to me It is a series that does not need to worry about its future, which returned for its third and final season this week.

He came back off to a pretty mediocre start, with 5.7 million CVEs in his first 4 days.

dead to me season 3 audience cve

Dead to Me season 3 vs Never Have I Ever S2 and Warrior Nun S2

When season 1 was released in 2019, Netflix shared that 30 million households completed the season in its first month. I guess that won’t be the case for season 3.