Cast of Rezball: Image courtesy of Netflix and Lewis Jacobs (Unit Still photographer)

Among the upcoming sports dramas on Netflix is ​​the coming-of-age movie, rez ballDirected by Sidney Freeland. The feature film is based on the script he co-wrote with Sterlin Harjo. The script itself was inspired by the critically acclaimed nonfiction sports novel Canyon Dreams written by Michael Powell. Here’s everything you need to know about the movie so far.

The project was first revealed to be in development at Netflix in August 2021, and we were among the first outlets to announce it. We’ve updated this preview to reflect new information about the upcoming Netflix Original Movie.

The film is being produced by Maurício and Katie Mota’s Wise Entertainment and LeBron James and Maverick Carter’s The SpringHill Company. Serving as executive producers are Spencer Beighley and Jamal Henderson of The SpringHill Company.

Sydney Freeland is perhaps best known for the 2014 film The best of Drunk Town and the short film hoverboard.

sydney freeland director rez ball netflix

Director Sydney Freeland – Photo by Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images for the Sundance Film Festival

What is the plot of rez ball?

The Chuska Warriors, a talented but flawed Native American high school basketball team from Chuska, New Mexico, are hoping to win the state championship. But when they lose their star players, the Chuska Warriors must unite to keep their dream of winning the championship alive.

What is Rez Ball?

Rez Ball, or reserve basketball, is an alternative version of basketball and is played predominantly by Native American teams in areas such as Arizona and New Mexico. Rez Ball is also played in some high schools in Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, California, and Nebraska. Rez Ball’s fantastic following among Native American communities is comparable to that of high school football in Texas.

Lightning fast and highly aggressive, Rez Ball is transition-based basketball dictated by aggressive plays, quick touchdowns, and forced turnovers or midcourt traps through assertive defense.

You can read a bit more background through this New York Times article which was written by Michael Powell and published in 2015.

Rez Ball is rumored to influence and inspire the best teams and coaches in the NBA.

Who is in the cast of rez ball?

rez ball movie cast grid

In April 2023, Netflix confirmed the first batch of cast members for the project, including many newcomers. Here’s a breakdown of the cast:

  • jessica maten (dark winds, Tribal, Border)
  • julia jones (the mandalorian)
  • amber half thunder (Prey)
  • kiowa gordon
  • dallas gold tooth (reserve dogs, Fall)
  • lightning cody
  • ernest tsosie

Newcomers to Rez Ball include:

  • bratt kauchani
  • Devin Sampson Craig
  • Rayne Thomas River
  • jojo jackson
  • avery hale
  • Hunter Redhorse Arthur
  • henry wilson son
  • Jaren K. Robledo
  • Damian Henry Castellane
  • kusem good wind
  • zoey reyes
cast lineup for netflix rez ball

Rez Ball, (from left to right) Jaren K. Robledo, Hunter Redhorse Arthur, Jojo Jackson, Devin Sampson-Craig, Henry Wilson Jr., Kauchani Bratt, Kusem Goodwind, Avery Hale, Damian Castellane, River Rayne Thomas.
Photo by: Lewis Jacobs / Netflix © 2023

Where is it being filmed?

Filming is scheduled to take place in New Mexico, including filming on reservation land with the support and permission of local sovereign tribal nations.

Director Sydney Freeland has the following to say about the project:

“I am beyond excited to be working with Netflix, Wise Entertainment and The SpringHill Company to bring this story to life. Basketball at the Rez is like high school football in West Texas. It has a fanatical following that few sports can rival. I’m also excited to be working with Sterlin Harjo on this. He has brought a lot of insight, humor and heart to this story. This is a story that is commonplace on Indian reservations across the United States, but most people don’t even know it exists. What we want to do is bring people into our world, tell a story about the people and places we meet, and what better way to do that than through a sports movie? We want to tell a story that is authentic to the place and the people told from the inside out. We are very excited with the team we have assembled and can’t wait to bring this to the screen.»

Filming was reportedly originally set to begin in January 2023. However, a casting call issued in the same month seemed to indicate that production would take place between March and June 2023, but even those filming dates were pushed back. .

Production began on April 10 and is scheduled to continue until May 19, 2023.

rez ball pitch call

Casting Call for Netflix’s Rez Ball

When is rez ball are you coming to netflix

It’s going to be a long time before we see the release of rez ball on Netflix. Given the extremely long wait we’ve seen thus far for the film to go into production, it likely won’t be until late 2023 at the earliest or more likely a 2024 release date for the film.

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