Netflix Announces Remake of Julien Leclercq’s ‘The Wages of Fear’

Untitled PROJECT JULIEN LECLERCQ – Image: Netflix

Netflix is ​​working with Julien Leclercq on another new action movie that will be a modern take on the French classic. The wages of fear.

Announced today from Netflix Paris, the new untitled Netflix movie will be a remake of the classic film. The wages of fear (The Salaire de la Peur). Production on the feature film has begun and it will land on Netflix globally in 2024.

Julien Leclercq is behind the new project, serving as co-writer, producer and director of the new feature film.

The French director has now worked at Netflix on many projects, including the action series. mobsters, which has two seasons currently streaming (no word on a third season), plus two movies in the form of 2020 dirt and blood and 2021 Sentinel.

Julien Leclercq on the set of Sentinelle

Julien Leclerc on the set of Netflix’s Sentinelle

Speaking about the new project, director Leclercq said in a statement:

“Putting this cast together for a reboot of such a movie, for a worldwide broadcast with Netflix, requires me to put all my heart and guts into it. The ambition is huge.»

The co-author of the project is Hamid Hlioua, who worked on mobsters for Netflix and the Art series, Cannabis.

That The wages of fear about?

As noted, the new film is based on the original film by Henri-Georges Clouzot, which in turn is based on the novel of the same name written by Georges Arnaud and published by Éditions Julliard.

By Cinema at Lincoln CenterHere’s what the original movie was about:

“In Henri-Georges Clouzot’s adaptation of Georges Arnaud’s novel, four desperate men take on a seemingly doomed mission when they agree to transport trucks full of highly explosive nitroglycerin across a mountainous South American route. Starring an international quartet of acting legends, including Yves Montand, The Wages of Fear is one of the greatest thrillers ever made: a gritty, fast-paced cinematic excursion that brings Clouzot’s natural mastery of mood and suspense to the fore. ”.

Of course, Netflix has had some recent success adapting classic war novels in the form of 2022. All calm on the west frontwhich won several Oscars.

the wages of fear netflix

Cast of the untitled project by Julien Leclerq

cast grid for the wages of fear netflix remake

Cast grid for the untitled project by Julien Leclerq

Four cast members were confirmed as part of the initial announcement, and many are frequent faces on Netflix.

  • Frank Gastambide (from Netflix Restless, Taxi 5, Validate)
  • alban lenoir (Taken, from netflix Lost Bullet 2: Back for MoreNetflix Fat fish)
  • Ana Girardot (Return, Escobar: Paradise Lost)
  • Sofiane Zermani (from Netflix Unlimited, Out of season)

Labyrinthe Films and TF1 Studio are the two production companies behind the film, with Julien Madon and Julien Leclercq serving as producers.