The substitute roster of Millonarios, with the only starter as a great figure, Álvaro Montero, responded to the confidence of his coach, Alberto Gamero, and drew a very valuable draw against Atlético Nacional, a 0-0 victory that responded to the club’s idea of ​​not neglecting the League while thinking about advancing in the Copa Libertadores.

Alberto Gamero’s risky decision to play with substitutes in Medellín raised some doubts, but Millonarios kept the game idea and personality to fight for the game.

The only starter for Millonarios who started the game at the Atanasio Girardot was Álvaro Montero, who lost his ability and experience in the first half, in the clearest play by Nacional, a one-on-one with the youthful Tomás Ángel, a move that was is repeatedly coming back against Millos, both with Team A and Team B.


Jaiver Nieto – THE WEATHER

That play was the hinge of a game in which Millonarios began daringly, trying to attack Nacional, advancing the lines and showing a couple of approaches, although without a clear opportunity to score.

Then, Nacional took control of the game, tried to win the back of the wingers, Alba and Murillo, who left many spaces and gave advantages, although they did not have the precision to create another as clear as the one that Montero saved Ángel.

The second half, another one-on-one between green and blue

Millonarios recovered the ball and control at the start of the second halfwith the entry of Édgar Guerra for Luis Paredes in the intermission of the game.

The two midfielders who played alongside Kliver Moreno, Juan Carlos Pereira and Nicolás Arévalo, began to play for the team. And so, Millos had his first clear option to score, in a shot by Fernando Uribe that stopped goalkeeper Kevin Mier.

The exhaustion of B de Millos due to the effort and the injury caused by Kliver Moreno made Nacional go over his rival to seek victory. And Montero was important again by stopping a clear option from Andrés Felipe Román.

Now possession was green and the one who held on and manipulated to counterattack was Millonarios, who was first surprised and then saw that it was the best way to save at least one point.

Gamero bet on speed, with Yuber Quiñones replacing Fernando Uribe, but Nacional definitely seemed to have found the formula to do damage.

Montero confirmed his status as a figure two minutes from the end, in a very difficult play:
a center from the right of Román hit the shoulder of Ódcar Vanegas and was already entering the south arc of Atanasio. The goalkeeper reacted in a great way and saved the blues.

Millionaires even had one last attack in which they were able to win, but everything was already played. The Blues have not lost at the Atanasio Girardot since 2017 and, despite having substitutes on the field, they played it all to save a very valuable point.

Jose Orlando Ascencio
sports deputy editor

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