Anguish seized Atlético Nacional, who had another worrying presentation at home: they lost 0-1 with a Junior who still does not show a good game, but that he formulated a huge bath of confidence to get back into the fight of the 2023-I League.

In the first half, Nacional had control of the ball, but there was no scare for a Junior with the same problems as in previous games, hesitant in defense and ineffective in attack. The television highlights were very generous in trying to find a danger play.

Hernán Darío Gómez, the Junior coach, did not hold anything back and shook the team during the second half with four changes: to the showers, Carlos Bacca, Fredy Hinestroza, Carlos Sierra and Léider Berrío, and to the field, Luis González, Homer Martínez, Andrey Estupiñán and Luis Sandoval.

The serious defensive error that cost Nacional the defeat

Nacional began to fall into despair and an individual error allowed Junior to find the goal of the advantage, in the 69th minute: a lousy delivery by Juan Felipe Aguirre helped two of the most discussed Junior players put together the 0-1 play; Didier Moreno put together a wall with ‘Cariaco’ González and appeared to finish off and beat goalkeeper Harlen Castillo.

Paulo Autuori bet on young blood to try to tie the game and brought in Tomás Ángel, Jader Gentil and Yair Mena. The latter received a penalty that could have changed the history of the game, in an offense committed by Vladimir Hernández.


Jaiver Nieto – THE WEATHER

Incredibly, none of Nacional’s experienced players stood in front of the ball. the youngest on the field, Juan Pablo Torres, ‘Tatay’, asked to collect it. He did not do well and allowed goalkeeper Jéfferson Martínez to shine, starting in place of veteran Sebastián Viera, absent due to injury.

With a single shot on target in 90 minutes, Junior got oil at the Atanasio Girardot and now, with two consecutive victories, not only is he moving away from the bottom, but he is two points behind the eighth, Santa Fe. Soccer is still missing , but the confidence he is gaining puts him back in the race.


Jaiver Nieto – THE WEATHER

Nacional, on the other hand, continues without stabilizing its payroll and its game and the discontent grows: in the League it has only won one of the last five games.

Jose Orlando Ascencio
sports deputy editor

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