Cycling in the country is looking forward to the future of one of its idols: Nairo Quintana, who is still looking for a team for this 2023.

Quintana has not had the option of signing for a squad for this season and the month of February is over in two days.

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follow the headache

His two exams in which the substance tramadol was found and that led him to be disqualified from the past Tour de France It has been his big headache.

The International Cycling Union (UCI) made that decision, because in its regulations it warned that the consumption of tramadol in competition is prohibited.

Nairo was cheered by the fans.


Jamie Moreno. TIME

From that moment on, night fell on the Boyacá cyclist, who appealed to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (TAs), which dismissed the appeal and the imposition of the sanction.

Then the information was leaked that Nairo had made the decision to retire from the activity, but three days later, in a press conference, he established that he would continue pedaling.

Absent in stage races

In the same way, he confirmed that he was going to look for a team and that he was determined to continue his successful career on the bicycle.

Quintana took part in the National Road Championships and occupied the third box in the long-distance test, escorting the champion, Stephen Chavez, and the second, Daniel Martinez.

Today, Nairo owns a negative statistic of which he has never been the protagonist, at least in the last 10 years.

The champion of Italy spin In 2014, he has already completed seven months and two days without being part of a stage competition.

His last appearance, precisely, was on July 24, 2022, when the Tour de France ended with a ride on the Champs Elysees in Paris

Even when?

Later, Nairo was in the world cycling, one-day test, and in the national, also a single-day race.

There are 217 days without being in a stage test, more than half a year, time in which he has only done his training.

Never before, not even when he was injured in 2014, when he broke his scapula in a fall on the Back to SpainNairo has been so long without being part of a stage race.

That time, Quintana withdrew from the Vuelta in September, but reappeared four months later in the Back to San Luis, Argentina, and he did it to finish third overall.

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