A serious incident occurred this Saturday in the surroundings of the Estelar Square hotel, where América de Cali arrived in Medellín to face Atlético Nacional this Sunday, on date 14 of the 2023-I League.

A fraction of the Nacional brava bar, identified as Los Piratas, arrived at the scene and began to demand the identity card of those who were in the area. Then they took their belongings from four journalists, who work for América Play, the official video content platform of that club.

“We were arriving at the Hotel del América in Medellín. We were almost at the door when several Nacional fans, said Los Piratas, took us out to attack, to ask us for an ID, they pulled a knife at us, they almost killed us,» one of the affected communicators told EL TIEMPO.

Echeverry was robbed of a backpack in which he was carrying part of his work equipment. “When they caught him, we managed to run away. No one heard our cries for help. It was horrible», added.

Another journalist denounced the attack on his social media

Sebastián Cobo, another of the journalists attacked by the barra brava, gave his version on his Twitter account: “It is incredible that a Nacional bar is waiting outside the América concentration hotel to attack people. Today we got it cheap, our equipment was stolen. In the end, the so-called ‘fans’ have guns and bladed weapons. There were arrests.»

Subsequently, the fans confronted the Police around El Poblado Avenue. Several of them were arrested. They took away a firearm, a traumatic weapon and several knives.

Until now, the Metropolitan Police of Medellín has not given any report about what happened. Echeverry stressed that there was no police protection around the hotel where America spends the night.

On Friday, Los del Sur, Nacional’s main bar, blamed the team’s managers for what may happen in this match, after the announcement that the club completely broke relations with them.

For several years, Los del Sur was in charge of the logistics of the Atanasio Girardot stadium in the home games of Atlético Nacional.


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