Multiple Seasons of ‘Suits’ Coming to Netflix US in June 2023

Image: Universal Content Productions

In other unexpected licensing news for June 2023, Netflix in the US will join other Netflix regions in streaming multiple seasons (expected to be all nine, but not yet confirmed) starting in the middle of the month. . This is what you need to know.

Running from 2011 to 2019 on the USA Network, the critically acclaimed series Suits is perhaps one of the best legal dramas of recent times. It follows a college dropout prodigy who has the ability to memorize information. That skill leads him to get a job at a large law firm in New York City despite lacking qualifications.

Suits ran for nine seasons with 134 episodes to its credit. Now, multiple «Seasons» are scheduled to join Netflix on June 17, 2023. The number of seasons headed to Netflix is ​​unconfirmed, though we expect it to be all nine.

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suits coming to netflix us

Notification of the arrival of Suits on Netflix

Stars on the show include Gabriel Macht, Patrick J. Adams, Rick Hoffman, Meghan Markle, Sarah Rafferty, Gina Torres, Amanda Schull, Dulé Hill, and Katherine Heigl.

This is the first time Suits has come to Netflix in the United States, but we should mention that the South Korean adaptation of the show streamed on Netflix from December 2019 to August 2021.

Netflix will likely share the show in the United States. According Just look, Suits also streaming on Peacock Premium and Prime Video at press time.

the news of Suits coming to Netflix comes at a time when the streamer is increasing its acquisitions in the field of licenses and the reasons why we can speculate. First of all, the WGA strike is ongoing, which means production of original content has slowed down across everything in development, pre-production, and even production. Second, other distributors are easing licensing rules given the current market turmoil and their attempts to increase cash flow.

where else is it Suits streaming on netflix?

As we mentioned above, Suits It is already streaming in its entirety on Netflix in almost all Netflix regions. This has been the case for many years for some regions, with some getting the show starting in 2015 with new seasons then releasing annually or in some cases weekly after airing on the USA Network.

Netflix in the UK is offering to license the show after it picked up the rights after Dave (a UK free-to-air channel) decided not to pick up from season 7 onwards. Netflix Canada is also streaming the show despite missing it for a few months in 2022.

Do you feel like giving yourself a binge? Suits on Netflix in the United States on June 17? Let us know in the comments below.