Millionaires leaves behind the celebration of their 16th star and begins a new path today. Visit to Deportivo Pasto at the Libertad stadium, on the first date of a League that will surely continue to fight, but which, at least on the payroll, seems to be in transition towards 2024, when they will have the challenge of overcoming the group stage of the Libertadores Cup.

In the three weeks that have passed since they won the final against Nacional, there hasn’t been much rest time. Four days after the definition of the title against Nacional, they were eliminated from the Copa Sudamericana. And in the following week, they beat the Greens in Fort Lauderdale.

Millonarios debuts in the second semester tournament

Celebration of Millionaires after defeating Deportivo Pasto.


Nestor Gomez – WEATHER

What’s new? Very few. Until now, Not a single new face has arrived at Millionaires, and everything indicates that the topic will continue like this for the rest of the semester, unless a very attractive possibility appeared. Like the failed attempt to hire Radamel Falcao García or the offer they made to Millos to take Yerson Candelo, which for the moment has not prospered.

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“Here it has never been thought that the team will not be reinforced. What I always say is that I am not going to despair of bringing for the sake of bringing. I’ve been saying it since I got here. I have a litter of players that I know, I like, and they haven’t had a chance. How are they acquiring experience and hierarchy? Playing matches”, coach Alberto Gamero told ‘El VBar Caracol’.

There are casualties: Israel Alba has already been introduced as a new Deportivo Pasto player and Luis Carlos Ruiz has finished his contract. The other exit was sung: Óscar Cortés was presented yesterday as a new player for Lens, from France. The 20-year-old winger hopes to earn a place to play with that team in the Champions League, after the second place the club obtained in Ligue 1, behind Paris Saint-Germain.

For the first game (8:30 pm, with signal from Win Sports +), Elvis Perlaza, suspended, neither Ómar Bertel nor Daniel Giraldo traveled. And there is another rookie in the squad, Sander Navarro, right back. Millos bets on what continues to come out of his quarry.

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